Jürgen Goos was born March 6,1864 in Owschlag, Schleswig-Holstein, the eldest of five boys born to Heinrich Goos and his wife Catharina Neuman.(30)(36)  Heinrich’s occupation was given as “stellmacher” which is defined both as a wheelwright and also as a cartwright, a combination of the wheelwright and wagonmaker trades.  The wide front door in the family house provided access and egress for carts to and from Heinrich’s workshop which was built as part of the house.  Jürgen came from a Christian home and first wanted to be a missionary.  He wrote in his diary: [translation] “Since I was too young after my confirmation to enter a school for missionaries and my parents had not the means to send me to a school for advanced education I lived in my parents home for one more year.  With other youth of the village, we had private lessons from Pastor Paulsen in Kropp, also with Pastors Hebler and Jager.  After that I went to Pastor Paulsen’s newly founded college in Kropp, where I worked sometimes in the bookstore and sometimes in the printing office.  On St. Michaelis 1882 [September 29,1882] I entered the Evangelical Lutheran Seminary to study to Pastor for the Evangelical Lutheran General Council in North America.”  As a result of his exam Jürgen’s diploma was marked “excellent”.(37)



Jürgen graduated from the Ebenezer Lutheran Seminary in Kropp, Schleswig on March 9, 1887.(2)  Arriving in New York on June 3rd he was assigned to the Evangelical Lutheran Canada Synod in the province of Ontario and was ordained by that synod on June 9,1887 at Sebastopol, Ontario.  He began his ministry immediately in the Muskoka mission, P.O. Germania, Victoria County; this parish included Draper, Monck, Morrison and Ryde. He taught school and served there from June 1887 until December 1889 when he accepted a call to the St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church parish in Conestogo, Woolwich Township, Waterloo County.


Wedding -- Jurgen and Louise

Soon after moving to Conestogo he met a young girl from the neighboring parish at Elmira and  on April 8,1891 27 year old Jürgen and 24 year old Louise Schierholtz were married by Rev. A. R. Schultz at St. James Lutheran church in Elmira.(35)(36)  Louise was born November 29,1866 near Elmira, Woolwich Township, Waterloo County.(36)  She was the 12th of 13 children born to Henry Schierholtz and Elizabeth Winter.  Witnesses at the wedding were John Schierholtz (Louise brother), Fred Weidenhammer, Christine Schierholtz (Louise sister) and Maria Ott.


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